The Start

"As you approach upon your steed, you notice that the high castle is not so decrepit as originally anticipated. You still have a long way to travel, but you can see that the towers have returned functionality and the magic epicentre is once again flowing. You can sometimes view a dragon dart in between the three spires that rise up, and occasionally see a mage entering or leaving the large opalescent doors. The darkness still encroaches the light, but the world seems to be healthier than ever before. "

Total Users: 937
Total Species: 277

Total Owned Adoptables: 76567
Total Owned Companions: 158130


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Posted on 04-01-2016, 2:30 PM by Infernette
"The Rainy Season"
And this is Derg Grumps!
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Posted on 4-01-2016, 2:30 PM by Infernette
The most amazing creature ever.