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Older boxes (ID < 300000) will be automatically opened and credited to your account within the hour.
Posted by Q on 06-22-2018 12:51:11
Over the next few days I'll be modifying the database to be more efficient, if things break please report them! :)
Posted by Q on 06-21-2018 18:43:25
NPC Shops have recieved an update! And maybe some of you will enjoy custom profile CSS?
Posted by Q on 06-21-2018 14:54:03
Forum pings now work the way you think they do! I had to fight with the beast named Regex to get it to spit them out.
Posted by Q on 06-19-2018 08:31:33
A poll has been added to the poll page!
Posted by Q on 05-12-2018 19:29:44

As you approach upon your steed, you notice that the high castle is not so decrepit as originally anticipated. You still have a long way to travel, but you can see that the towers have returned functionality and the magic epicenter is once again flowing. You can sometimes view a dragon dart in between the three spires that rise up, and occasionally see a mage entering or leaving the large opalescent doors. The darkness still encroaches the light, but the world seems to be healthier than ever before.

fairywren's Horse Amorphous the Enlightened Amorphous
Posted by Q on 06-17-2018 13:28:30

Happy pride! Forum vistas have been added to give your posts that extra flair you've been craving.
Posted by Q on 05-25-2018 16:04:19

New creature! This egg can be found in the creche until 6/1/2018, after which it will be moved into the ocean area.

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